Guided Tours for Kids

Guided Tours for Kids
The Triennial Festival offers guided tours especially designed for kindergarten and school-age children to visit the sculptures, known as journeys into art. The children can explore what they have learned on a deeper level through creative work.

Children are curious by nature. It is through seeing, touching, listening, feeling and, last but not least, through many questions, that children quench their thirst for knowledge. It is precisely this curiosity that we use to our benefit on this journey into art. Children who participate in a journey into art with their teacher by experiencing the sculptures in Bad Ragaz are accompanied to the sculptures by one of our guides. Here they are encouraged to look very closely and to take in what they are encountering with all of their senses. They then take what they have learned into the artist’s workshop and bring their experiences to life. They become creative based on the impressions and experiences that they have had. Each child can do this in his or her own way. Accordingly, it is primarily not about a flawless result or even a “sculpture” which the children produce themselves. Instead, the children are to establish a direct relationship to the moment they have experienced through creative work. Any work which is created can be discussed or simply left as is. The most important thing is for the children to have an encounter with what they have experienced through the journey into art. This can occur while working in the workshop or later in a discussion.

Target audience school classes (max. 25 students)
Age class 1: Kindergarten – 3rd grade
Age class 2: 3rd grade – 6th grade

Duration: 2h – 2 h 15 min. including workshop

Time: by appointment

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