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Armetta Alessandro


Born in Palermo in 1996, the artist Alessandro Armetta lives and works in Torino. He graduated in Fine Arts from the Accademia di Belle Arti in Palermo. As a freelance artist, he exhibits his sculptures and installations in Italy and Switzerland.

Armetta's sculptures seem to have their origins in a catastrophic event. Each work is a snapshot of the release of destructive energy whether an explosion, a lava flow or a hurricane. The constantly and almost obsessively repeating fragments or splinters of wood play a central role here. They enclose empty spaces that seem to be protected from the irrepressible external energies by Armetta's pointed, defensive and at the same time filigree-looking constructions.

The Sicilian artist shows an example of this with his Castigo cubes (I-II) at Bad Ragartz. However, the empty spaces in the cubes by no means embody a place of retreat. Rather, they are an invitation to escape from everyday life or from indifference to a destructive energy. According to Armetta, the aim is to displace chaos through courage.


«A centripetal force that becomes courage and external opportunity, isolating the daily monotony before the passive routine intervenes that contemporary society often embraces.»

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