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Dumančić Hrvoje


Croatian artist Hrovje Dumančić was born in Zagreb, Croatia, in 1975. Thanks to a love of horses from an early age, Dumančić pursued a successful first career as a show jumper. Likewise his passion for art eventually led him to the School of Applied Arts and Design and then to the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. The leitmotif of his artistic work is the depiction of horses. Dumančić therefore joins the great tradition in art history of equestrian and horse depictions, but interprets the genre sculpturally in a manner that is both contemporary and individual. While traditional equestrian and horse sculptures often serve as symbols of power and victory, in Hrovje Dumančić's works the horse emerges as a poetic carrier of memory, emotion and joy. The work "Memory" exhibited at Bad Ragartz also brings backs childhood memories and a longing for beautiful and carefree days in the viewer. The sensitivity of the horse along with the fragility of the human soul are manifested in the cracked surface structure of the sculpture.


«I find my inspiration in everything that surrounds me. I observe and absorb the good and the bad. I create my own image of the world from these experiences, which I then turn into a sculpture.»

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