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Vinci Sasha


Sasha Vinci (*1980) completed his artistic training at the Istituto Statale d'Arte "S. Fiume" in Comiso and at the Florence Academy of Fine Arts. His work ranges from sculpture to painting and drawing, as well as sound design and performance. He is represented at this year's Triennial with the walk-in sculpture "Harmonia Mundi - il canto di Bad Ragaz". When you enter the sphere made of Corten steel, which at first glance looks simple, you literally find yourself in a different world. When you look upwards, laser engravings and perforations open up a bright firmament, which displays the constellation of stars over Bad Ragaz at the summer solstice through the incidence of sunlight. The shiny gold lacquered column inside the sphere in turn refers to the earth's axis and can also be read as a symbol of the harmonious union of heaven and earth. The work can be brought to life using a QR code: The "canto di Bad Ragaz", whose composition is based on the mountain ranges around Ragaz, can be heard. "Harmonia Mundi" therefore becomes an open window to another, different world and a powerful symbol of transformation and cosmic harmony. In addition to the poetic dimension, the archaic spherical shape can also be used to elicit a didactic level: Using easy-to-activate "augmented reality", Sasha Vinci takes children, young people and adults on an educational journey through the stars, history, myths and legends.

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