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Bombardieri Stefano


The works of the world-famous Italian artist Stefano Bombardieri, born in 1968, are impressive in their monumental size alone. The heads of rhinoceroses protruding directly from the wall along with the mighty elephants at the same time, unfold a thoroughly surreal and dramatic as well as theatrical effect in their staging in our familiar surroundings. It never ceases to cause the viewer to catch their breath in amazement. The surprise that a first encounter with Bombardieri's works causes, however, immediately turns into a reflective mood. Because the Italian artist's works are a profound discussion of the disturbed and destructive relationship between man and nature. This aspect is particularly impressive in the installation "Omaggio a Colbert", which can be seen at this year's Triennial. The motif for the work is a photograph by Canadian photographer Gregory Colbert, born in 1960: deeply absorbed in himself and in the harmony of the situation, a child kneels in front of an elephant lying in front of him and reads to him from a book. Bombardieri's sculptural realisation, which is not far removed from the original photographic situation, is a powerful metaphor for respect for nature and animals and is also intended as a reference to the opportunity for future generations to lead the world into a more positive future.


«This present is the result of a past made of wrong choices, and tragically, history repeats itself.»

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