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Borer Carlo


The works of the artist Carlo Borer, who lives in Oberbipp, Berne, are recognised both nationally and internationally. His works can be seen at exhibitions in Europe and the USA as well as in public spaces and renowned collections. Borer's sculptures open up a unique field of tension between organic design, mathematics and technologically advanced materialisation both in their complex formal composition and in their extremely precise realisation. The expansive, sometimes futuristic-looking objects unfold a fascinating interplay of strangeness and familiarity in both urban and natural surroundings at the same time. The mathematical complexity of the compositions, the reflective surfaces and the clear lines allow Borer's works to not only become a fascinating interactive instrument for analysing space, but also for the foundations of one's own perception and thought structures.


«The style, texture and form of my works suggest a function and reflect the vocabulary of our modern culture. But the seemingly familiar purpose remains indecipherable.  The resulting confusion allows us to look at our civilisation and ourselves from the outside. This is impossible, however, as we can only ever experience and think through ourselves. What can we really think? How binding are our certainties? I am interested in the inner workings of the human mind.»

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