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Brasser Floris


The works of artist Floris Brasser, born in Vorden (NL) in 1957, unfold an exciting interplay between sculpture, space and the viewer. Mostly made of wood, his compositions set clear formal accents in urban or natural surroundings and invite active interaction. The often walk-in sculptures thus open up a dialogue in which visitors can poetically create their own visual, tactile and physical experiences with and in the sculpture. An example of this artistic concept is the "Children Only Helix", a walk-in model of human DNA that allows visitors to directly experience an essential basis of organic life: like a natural bloodstream, visitors to the exhibition can move through the interior of the sculpture in upward and downward spirals and thus playfully reflect on their perception of inside and outside.


«The most interesting space to create a sculpture is the public space. That space belongs to all of us, but is becoming increasingly limited. Art enhances the quality of public space. It is like a balm for the soul.»

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