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Browne Tatsuki


Born in Tokyo, Tatsuki Browne (*1999) completed an apprenticeship as a design engineer after moving to Switzerland. He then began studying at the Zurich University of the Arts with the prospect of a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts.

Browne builds his artistic work on objects that have a strong symbolic connection to existing systems. In a critical discourse with the canton of St. Gallen’s coat of arms, he focuses in particular at Bad Ragartz on the significance of the fasces of the Roman lictors, which throughout history have repeatedly been associated with systems of political oppression, including fascism. His work "Crowd of Control" transforms and updates the central elements of the symbol of the fasces (bundle of rods) into modern means of coercion such as cable ties, batons and loudspeakers, which are currently used worldwide to suppress marginalised groups. Browne's artistic intervention thus highlights the danger of oppression by state powers, which are rarely held to account appropriately in the course of their legally legitimised exercise of power.


The tools of crowd control serve as an extension of the enforcer's limbs, just as they do for the system of oppression. Each individual in the force, whether to a small or large extent, contributes to maintaining said system.

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