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Bütikofer Adrian


Adrian Bütikofer was born in Kirchberg (BE) in 1960 and has been working as a freelance artist since 1998. He will attend the 9th Swiss Triennial of Sculpture with the monumental installation "Crazy Worlds". The basic form of the installation, which is transparent in its construction, resembles that of a house. However, this seems to have come apart and is thus in a precarious position. While the walls made of slats allow you to look through, the windows and doors are closed from the inside with panels. The tension between inside and outside and between isolation and openness raises questions of loneliness, withdrawal and marginalisation within a vibrant society. This means the supposed dwelling and its surroundings become the actual space of thought, in which the boundaries between individual reality and the reality of a social structure become blurred. While the transparency of the construction conveys the apparent possibility of an exchange between inside and outside, this remains impossible in reality. Those inside the house are thrown back into their own world and themselves. The periscope inside the house symbolises the intimate desire for contact with the outside world. Adrian Bütikofer's installation thus becomes a powerful metaphor for a world that has gone crazy, a world that is in disarray, which allows isolation. At the same time, it functions as a loud call for the integration of every individual and for good communication within the human community.


«We are a community of individuals whose vulnerability is omnipresent and yet so often overlooked. Even the fragile need space and encouragement because they are part of the big picture.»

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