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Caflisch Notta


In her installations, the artist Notta Caflisch (*1979) repeatedly explores the themes of world and contemporary history. The main themes are global political power structures, colonisation and its consequences, past and present wars and the ever-increasing consumer society. The installation «For They Ran Much Faster Than I Could Go» deals with the conflicts arising from the colonisation of the North American continent by European immigrants. The expulsion of the Native Americans and the long period of slavery, particularly in the southern states, play a key role in this. The wooden construction in the shape of the paddle wheel of a Mississippi steamer and fitted with Converse sneakers symbolises the carefree, increasingly mechanised and often ruthless «American way of life».

The flag installation "Operators" critically reviews the symbol of our state. By adding four mathematical operators, the actual meaning of the Swiss flag is eliminated and reduced to its function as part of a global economic and political instrument. While this reduction is to be read critically, it also gives scope for a positive interpretation of Switzerland within the international community.




«What if ... every nation could see itself as part of a relationship and prioritise its own interests less?».

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