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Debus Beate


Born in Eisenach in 1957, Beate Debus first trained as a wood sculptor before going on to study wood design with Professor Hans Brockhage in Schneeberg. Her works are part of numerous public and private collections in Germany and abroad. The central theme of Beate Debus' work is the human being in its social and psychological constitution. In spite of her advanced abstraction, the human form as such always remains recognisable in the artist's sculptures. In their strict compositional arrangement and clear visual language, the figures display an impressive and touching interplay of archaic power and delicate vulnerability at the same time, whether standing alone or interacting dynamically with each other. They thus become a powerful symbol of human existence in its manifold existential and social sensitivities.


"In my fundamental artistic concern, I thematise human forms of existence. The human body, the human scale, body language and mimetic movement sequences are the starting point.  I invent forms that evoke an inner process, whereby the motif must not overtax the external representation."

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