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Eilergerhard Anke


Berlin-based artist Anke Eilergerhard is highly regarded worldwide for her unique, often humorous artistic approach. She has been creating works of art from her inexhaustible cake universe for over 30 years. Since 2004, she has focussed on the sculptural form of the cream topping, staged with her unconventional technique. Lying in the grass, watching clouds and eating sweets. This is the kind of idealised childhood memory that the artist's works initially evoke, thus deceiving the viewer's perception, which is distorted by the happiness hormone dopamine.

The three-part sculpture ensemble HYSTERICAL BALANCE is intriguing with its unique depiction and symbolic depth. Each of the sculptures consists of two oversized "cream toppings" that merge together in mirror image and seem to dance on their dainty tips in the lawn of the spa gardens in Bad Ragaz. They are presented in the colours black, red and gold. The choice of colours is not accidental, but takes up the colours of the flag of the Federal Republic of Germany, the artist's country of origin, and gives the work a political dimension.

The lightness and harmony that emerge from this fusion contrast with the seemingly fragile statics that allow the sculptures to balance on their narrowest point. Eilergerhard's play with balance and colour creates a surreal atmosphere that invites the viewer to look beyond the obvious beauty. The sculptures symbolise the unstable reality of our time. The search for balance, represented by the subtle blending of the cream toppings, becomes a profound symbol of the volatility and unpredictability of our world and its order.


«My observations and experiences are the basis of all my work. I'm interested in visualising things that I can't put into words that are nevertheless universal. We live in an extremely visually fixated society, no sense can be as deceived as the sense of sight.»

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