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Feral & Tento

Schweiz & Schweiz

Tento was born in Switzerland in 2000. As a result of feeling severely restricted in his youth, Tento fled his home for the streets as a young adult. Drugs and drawing, characterised by death and suffering, at times became Tento's only means of dealing with his emotions.

Feral was born in Switzerland in 1993. Feral has struggled with depression since he was 11 years old. At the age of 19, he moved out of his parents' house and sometimes lives with friends or in the back seat of his car. For a long time, he didn't feel at home anywhere. Feral can only settle down to some extent when he teaches himself to create art.

Prompted by external circumstances, Feral and Tento now live a rather secluded life. Like after the apocalypse, they only have the bare essentials with them. At Bad Ragartz, this attitude is expressed in the subUwU. The almost satirically colourful paint job on the armoured, post-apocalyptic vehicle stands in stark contrast to this.

 Quote Feral
I love building things and building post-apocalyptic art is my way of processing my inner wasteland into an outer, real image.

Quote Tento
We're getting rid of all the unsustainable bullshit. No more plastic or synthetics. And no more comfort. Whatever will be used for the subUwU will solely be for protection and survival.

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