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Fromm Marc


The depictions of saints in recent centuries were exemplary metaphors for optimal lifestyles. Today it is stars like musicians, actors, models and, increasingly, influencers from social networks who exemplify lifestyles and provide guidance. Artist Marc Fromm, born in Langen (Germany) in 1971, traces the role models of our present day in his works. Like the leading figures of the past, influential figures also have a profession in today's secularised world. The "Laboratory Assistant" is an example of this. She symbolises people who contribute to the health and well-being of the human community in the research, development and production of medicines.

 The tension between the monumental size of the sculpture and the filigree and masterful sculptural execution refers on the one hand to the power of progress and research, but at the same time warns of the fragility of the human body, society and nature. All too easily, fantasies of omnipotence and hubris inevitably lead to the abyss, especially in research. 


«I am interested in analysing the margins of our society. They often describe and reflect its core. Again and again, these are fundamental themes that I deal with in my pictures. I try to show the contradictions of the present and at the same time capture them as signs of the times.»

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