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Frommelt Beate & Hohmeister Carla

Lichtenstein & Schweiz

The extensive yet delicate thread installations by Liechtenstein artist Beate Frommelt, born in 1973, allow the viewer to become part of a fascinating spatial interplay of light and line. The question of the constancy of human perception is also a constant in the installative and painterly work of Carla Hohmeister (*1973). At Bad Ragartz 2024, the two artists will be showing a joint work that was designed especially for the barn in the centre of Bad Ragaz. According to tradition, this is the former dairy farm of the Pfäfers Abbey. The history and influence of the abbey inspired the artists to create the large-format triptych "The fabric of our landscape". The textile objects show details from depictions and elements of the architecture of the abbey church. The creation of spatial illusions, the formal language, symmetry and colourfulness play a particularly important role in the work, which pays tribute to key features of the Baroque period. The large-format mounted cross-stitching creates an optical phenomenon: up close, the works resemble abstract pixel clouds that only condense into an image from a distance and direct the eye upwards in line with the principles of Baroque architecture.

The choice of thread as a material creates a link to the historical significance of the textile industry in the region. The thread in itself is a "thing without properties". It is only through its processing that the material - woven into a texture - takes on its creative purpose. "The fabric of our landscape" reflects the texture of the place, which is characterised by the monastic tradition and the history of the textile industry.


«History made flesh with 20,000 stitches».

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