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Gisler Gähwiler


The Swiss artist couple GislerGähwiler consists of Fabienne Gähwiler (*1997) and Mario Gisler (*1994). Both graduated from the Lucerne School of Art and Design with a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts.

Their works, which they show at various exhibitions in Switzerland, are always in discourse with the exhibition environment, people, technology and nature. The artist couple materialise natural phenomena, usually in glass, light or foil in their work.

At Bad Ragartz, GislerGähwiler's work illustrates the energy of light waves with the walk-in cube "vibrational energy unveils a jelly house". At the heart of the work are four approximately three metre high, red-orange fluorescent acrylic glass walls, which are illuminated by the sun during the day and by UV tubes at night. The imprint of the river stones collected in St Martin in the glass panels gives the cube a jelly-like surface, which can appear both strange and familiar at the same time. The opening, which makes the space inside the light sculpture tangible, seems inviting.


 «We understand the fragile system of nature under the influence of man as a constantly evolving cosmic sculpture, which we are constantly observing, researching and trying to visualise in our creative ocean.»

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