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Hartlieb Ingrid


Anyone coming close to sculptures by German artist Ingrid Hartlieb, born in 1944, will definitely encounter an adversary. The monolithic-looking works, realised in a powerful style, can consume and define the space far beyond the sculpture itself. However, the opposition that the impressive sculptures, which grow directly and organically out of the ground, express to the visitor on first encounter immediately becomes an invitation to enter into a deeper dialogue with the work on closer inspection. The archaic structures are interwoven with a sensitive, graphic texture that opens up an exciting interplay of proximity and distance as well as fullness, emptiness, light and shadow. A circumstance that may tempt us to defy the primordial forces inherent in the sculptures and to trace and get to the bottom of Hartlieb's works not only visually but also tactilely. And the more and the longer one does this, the more the compositions, initially perceived as abstract, take on a tangible form, ultimately manifesting themselves as extremely lively partners in a dynamic discourse between man, work and the surrounding space.


 «Every idea, every shape in the room develops from the drawing»

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