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Klinge Dietrich


Dietrich Klinge was born in Heiligenstadt/Eichsfeld in 1954. He first studied free graphics and then sculpture at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart,. His works are represented internationally at numerous exhibitions and in public collections. At the centre of Klinge's work is the motif of the human being, which finds its way into his work as a whole figure, as a bust or just as a head. Dietrich Klinge's unmistakable visual language is renowned for its expressive and consistent sculptural style. The clear, sometimes even rigid lines lend the German sculptor's sculptures an appearance that is as powerful as it is archaic. In their palpably unconditional presence, which unfolds its effect far beyond the sculpture itself, Klinge's works uncompromisingly explore the foundations and essential sensitivities of human existence: Unbridled strength, threat, injury and fragmentation as well as introverted stillness are an integral part of the German sculptor's work. 


«Form must be based on content,
not style.
Form based on style is ideology,
correlation between idea and practice
is based on content.
Form that is based on style belongs to
Form based on content belongs to the question.»

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