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Lechner Christel & Laura


The master ceramist Christel Lechner (*1947) has been creating life-size sculptures from concrete since 1998. Her model is the human being itself, whom one encounters almost daily in everyday life. The depiction of the perfectly imperfect lends the Ordinary People their special authenticity. Laura Lechner (*1973), a master student at the Düsseldorf Art Academy under Peter Doig, has been involved in the creation of Ordinary People from the very beginning and has played a decisive role in shaping the visual language of the sculptures for years. Their joint works have attracted attention across Europe.

Christel and Laura Lechner are represented at Bad Ragartz 2024 with the installation "The Boules Group". It consists of 11 individual sculptures and a dog. The installation focuses on humanity, connection and community, making it particularly relevant in today's world. The staging of the game allows a retreat from time and space and enables a focus on the here and now as well as on the next throw.

Differences such as age, gender, origin and other characteristics disappear when playing. The conscious experience of the moment and the lived community gain in importance. The walk-in installation offers viewers the opportunity to either observe as a bystander or actively immerse themselves in the group.


«Our sculptures invite people not only to admire them, but also to experience them. We encourage viewers to come closer, to walk round the figures, interact with them and be inspired by their presence. You should be moved by our art. It should convey a feeling and capture the moment.»
Laura Lechner

«With my work, I want to depict the ordinary in an unusual way and open up new perspectives for the viewer. The 'Ordinary People' are intended to emphasise the human element and invite viewers to connect with the small moments in life. This creates a bridge between the staging and the viewer.»
Christel Lechner

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