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Maillard Dara


Dara Maillard was born in 2002 in Bulgaria. She lived in Sofia for a few years before moving to Switzerland, where she later obtained her Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts at the Zurich University of the Arts.

The analysis of history is fundamental to Dara Maillard’s art. This is why social themes such as customs, belief systems and religions, the idea of good and evil and also Western and Eastern European culture have a strong influence on her visual language. The way in which these ideas and conceptions are passed on between generations is equally important.

At Bad Ragartz, Maillard's metal sculpture «Femtrails» addresses the connection between the victims of witch-hunts and the way in which this dark chapter continues to influence views on female sexuality and self-determination. Her work is thus not only a memorial to the thousands of victims of witch-hunts, but also a tribute to the feminist struggle.


«My work has a strong focus on history within the field of contemporary art. By looking back at archetypes such as the muse, the goddess, the mother, and the witch, I aim to reclaim female power within its long history of oppression.»

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