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Morger Pius


Pius Morger (*1957) lives and works in the Zurich Oberland. As an autodidact, he made four feature films between 1981-1995 (author and director), as well as editing and adding soundtracks to various films. Since 1995 he has been working on sound spaces for theatre, dance, museums and exhibitions, and since 2005 on sound sculptures. Pius Morger also worked as a freelance lecturer at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts until 2022. Morger is represented at the 2024 Triennial with the large-scale sound installation "Levitation". When you approach Morger's powerful, shiny and organically shaped sculptures, you don't initially think of levity. The self-contained, strange-looking monoliths radiate powerful stillness, strength and weight.

However, when you enter the inner circle of the sculpture group, the objects come to life and what appears to be the whole world along with them. Spherical, light tones, at first barely audible and then escalating rhythmically, fill the landscape and invite you to linger in this marvellous place animated by mysterious sound. Safe and secure in Morger's world of sound, you don’t want to leave until the last note has faded into the endless ether.


«I am looking for the place where I would like to stay. I will find it.»

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