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Nutt Peter


As the son of an equipment manufacturer and mechanical engineer, Liechtenstein artist Peter Nutt (*1968) was born with a passion for craftsmanship and working with metal.

After an apprenticeship as a mechanic, Nutt soon went his own way: a passion for design, mechanics and kinetics combined with a creative spirit and a flair for precision craftsmanship led Peter Nutt to pursue a career as a freelance artist. While his kinetic objects, often made from recycled components, are capable of inspiring the public with their philosophical motifs, the Liechtenstein artist's immobile compositions often call for active interaction.

Peter Nutt is also at Bad Ragartz 2024 with the work "All encompassing". The balanced, curved composition made of flat steel invites visitors to lie down and relax in the installation. The senses awaken in the security provided by the protective shell. Silence, sounds, visual impressions and smells can be fully enjoyed in an artful way.

Peter Nutt's works are represented in numerous public and private collections.


«Art has to be more than you can do. That's why making art is so exciting.»

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