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Plickat Jörg


Jörg Plickat, born in Hamburg in 1954, is one of the most internationally recognised German sculptors. His originally figurative art changed after 1985 into an abstract-cubic formal language, behind which the human figure is often recognisable. Since 2000, the materiality of his sculptures has been characterised by corten steel - and sometimes bronze. Plickat's works are formally captivating due to their consistent, expansive geometry and their dynamism, which extends far beyond the sculpture and allows the viewer to experience the archaic power of steel almost physically. In terms of content, the artist thematises ecological as well as political themes in his work. The sculpture "Labyrinthum", for example, shows a deconstructed and, in a sense, sinking sphere made of rosy corten steel, which deliberately evokes the connotation of transience. It is clear that our planet is the actual subject here. The fragmented shape of the spheres symbolises the ever-increasing division of the earth into politically confrontational power blocs. While "Labyrinthum" deals with the respectful treatment of our environment, the work "The inviolability of human dignity" focuses on respect for human existence. The spiral-shaped geometry of the composition increasingly closes in on itself, while its outward-facing surfaces and edges vehemently demarcate the steel body from the surrounding space, thus turning the motif of the untouchability of the inner sphere into an emphatic postulate.


«If we want to leave our children and grandchildren a planet worth living on, we need to do much more. Instead, we have lost our way in a labyrinth of private-sector and power-political interests, in which every player accepts the further destruction of our ecosystem for the sake of a small and only brief advantage.»

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