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Prekorogja Donat


Swiss-born artist Donat Prekorogja (*1999) graduated from the Haute école d'art et design in 2023 with a Bachelor's degree in Visual Arts. He then took part in exhibitions in Switzerland and abroad. He also curates individual exhibitions in Switzerland.

Prekorogja can walk past an unremarkable building countless times without noticing anything, until he stops and pauses. His gaze begins to wander over the façade: He sees eyes in the shutters, the architectural structures seem to reveal the shape of a robot or even a dog. The building, which weighs several tonnes, comes to life, the original order, mass and weight are lost in a now dynamic structure.

Fascinated by this significantly downsized and therefore highly creative architecture, Prekorogja began to breathe life into linear forms in his art. At Bad Ragartz, he achieves this by constructing a complex wooden figure from simple wooden elements, in which the formal simplicity of the elements merges into the playful wooden robot "Jacqueline".


My eyes have always been drawn to things in motion, in search of those moments when time is suspended around a rhythm. It's in the poetry that flows from these frozen moments that I've found a desire to provoke my own timeouts, in which dynamism, vibration and variation give life to the inanimate 

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