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Reist Marc


The Swiss sculptor, painter and draughtsman Marc Reist was born in Grenchen in 1960. In his work, Reist explores the correlations and interplay between macrocosm and microcosm. The starting point in this context is the observation of naturally occurring structures in their formal and aesthetic appearance as well as in their material composition. One of the most fascinating and at the same time most symbolic archetypes to be observed in nature is the egg. Based on an extraordinarily complex organic and physical structure, it is regarded in almost all cultures on earth as a symbol of life to come: the future will grow from it, its delicate present sits between the past and the future.

If the egg, in its shape and function, holds the great power of everything that is becoming and serves as a life-giving source of nourishment, it is both intricate and fragile. Its shell is breakable and requires the utmost attention - the attention that is unfortunately all too often lacking in human thought and behaviour today. In Marc Reist's work, the egg thus also becomes a supporting metaphor for the attentiveness that we should once again show to the world, to vulnerable nature and to all living beings. 


«I grew up in an environment close to nature, which was formative. What I see in nature, often small things, the structures of tree bark, the glistening, the colour and shape of a blade of grass, impress me to this day with their simple beauty. It is this magnificence in the inconspicuous, where words fail me, which is my artistic motivation to create shapes with the same appeal.»

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