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Rimpel Andreas


The German artist Andreas Rimpel was born in Aschaffenburg in 1957. He lives and works on the Bavarian Lower Main. As a former entrepreneur in the metal industry, he developed unique technical components during his working life. He now utilises his talent for craftsmanship and technology in the artistic field and follows a similar path with his sculptures as he once did in his former working life. In accordance with the development processes in industry, the idea of the targeted materialisation of an idea plays an important role in his work. In terms of motifs, Rimpel's works are based on the observation of people who find themselves in unique and sometimes exposed life situations. His perceptions and the associated intellectual reflections manifest themselves in Andreas Rimpel's works in a seemingly visual language that is as radical and expressive as it is sensitive. The existential state of mind and the vulnerability of people in their existence become almost physically tangible in Rimpel's works. 


«I want to capture the emotional world of my fellow human beings and depict it clearly. I create a cubic shape, but the natural form must always be recognisable.»

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