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Roth Max


Max Roth, born in Bern in 1954, lives and works in Uettligen/Bern. He is represented at Bad Ragartz with four monolithic sculptures. The hollow wooden bodies present themselves as rhythmic structures, which are formally based on the tetrahedron, the sphere, the cone and the cuboid. The interpenetrating sculptural bodies, each made from a single piece, correspond to the four elements of fire, water, air and earth. The four elements in turn correspond to the dimensions of energy, emotion, spirit and matter. In analogy to the dynamic interaction of the elements, the sculptures develop compositionally from within themselves and in this way result in an interwoven whole that is as exciting as it is poetic, which blends into the surrounding space in a visual language that is both clear and organic.


«"Penetrating wind"

A breath in space

"Wind ignites fire"

It is the fire of love that rustles in the reeds (Rumi)

"Wind blows over the water"

Whitecaps - the ripple of existence

And dive into the depths of the ocean of existence,

then you yourself become a pearl (Rumi)

"Salt of the waters"» 

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