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Rünger Sven


The German sculptor Sven Rünger was born in Düsseldorf in 1967. After training as a stone sculptor, he attended the Düsseldorf Kunstakademie[1]. This was followed by work and study visits to Pietrasanta and Florence. Rünger is inter alia a lecturer at the international art academy in Heimbach/ Eifel and a lecturer in stone sculpture at Alanus University in Alfter near Bonn.

As a sculptor, Sven Rünger focuses on the phenomenon of form and its underlying morphological laws. Creating and researching at the same time, Rünger explores the interactions between matter and form and in this way attempts to discover the basic structures and dynamics that underlie the complex network of natural phenomena. The artist is by no means interested in finding conclusive answers to the question of the blueprint of the world and nature in the same way as the natural sciences. Rather, he is interested in the dynamics behind things and the vitality in matter, in visualising the interplay of the elements in order to ultimately give shape to the enigma of which we ourselves are a part.

At the 9th Swiss Triennial of Sculpture, Sven Rünger will be exhibiting his sculpture "INSIDE OUT". The work takes the form of a rotating energy field. In geometry, this shape is called a "torus".  The torus is both an elementary basic shape and a universal principle of form that can be found in all areas of nature and our lives, from the growth of a fruit to the earth's magnetic field.


«My work basically focuses on the question of a universal language of form, morphological laws and the search for the unknown. I am fascinated by dynamics as an invisible force, an expanding, expansive energy that is an expression of the permanent activity of the elements - on both a small and large scale.»

[1] Art Academy

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