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Ruess Jürg


The artist Jürg Ruess was born in Au (SG) in 1953. Growing up in a family of embroidery manufacturers, Ruess initially took up the profession of embroidery designer. His first involvement with the visual arts began in 1996. Ruess had been working as a freelance sculptor, painter and draughtsman since 2004. In his work, the artist deals with fragments from nature, floral motifs and architectural structures as well as the human body. However, his artistic reflections on the human being focus not only on his physicality, but also on the state of the individual and the social structure. Ruess' presence at the Swiss Triennial of Sculpture includes the monumental sculpture "Balancing Act": the mighty bronze hand, which holds the transparent structure of a metal cube in suspension at a lofty height so to speak, is a powerful symbol of the fragile and constantly threatened balance of nature, the existence of the individual and human society as a whole. 


«Finding inner and outer balance: an exciting, vital and creative balancing act»

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