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Schneebeli Joel


Joel Schneebeli, born in 1977 in Reinach (BL), now lives in Leymen (F). The works of the artist, who appears either alone or as part of the "Stückundgut" collective, are mostly made up of parts of everyday objects and found items. While the individual components of Schneebeli's works already have their own story, the Basel-based artist screws and welds the found elements together to create new sculptural narratives. The impressive, dynamic compositions often offer the opportunity for active participation. In this way, the audience itself becomes part of Schneebeli's squeaking, creaking and hammering narratives. While Joel Schneebeli presented the monumental sculpture "Circle of Life" with the collective "Stückundgut" at Bad Ragartz in 2021, this year he is represented with the interactive installation "Money makes the world go round", with which the artist picks up on the content of "Circle of Life": sometimes everything runs smoothly for the individual and society, but in the next instant the whole world comes to a standstill. Nothing moves, there is no momentum, all energy is lost. But what keeps the world going? Is it the millions and billions in the global political poker game of the powerful or is it humanity, being there for each other?  This sculpture makes everything clear: «money makes the world go round».


«Sometimes the ideas come at night or it's simply a crooked rusty nail or a beautiful piece lying in the workshop looking for a new purpose. Then the flow begins: a hotchpotch of things, the workshop and loud music - the cutting torch, the angle grinder and the welding machine at hand and off we go!»

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