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Schule Bad Ragaz


The purple nest is a joint effort by the entire Bad Ragaz school. It symbolises the importance of the school: its strength, connections and diversity. A nest to which everyone contributes a piece.

A nest, just like the school itself, in which all pupils develop for a certain period of time and from which everyone flies out at some point.

All 710 pupils created their own driftwood. Two classes worked together, with older pupils supporting the younger children. This resulted in unique pieces in various shapes and colours, which today form this nest.

«I liked the fact that I was able to work with a big pupil and that she helped me.»

- Pupil, 1st class

«It was nice that you could choose freely between so many shades of purple and paint whatever you wanted.»

- Pupil, 3rd class

«I was so amazed that we could mix nine different shades of purple.»

- Pupil, 1st highschool

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