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Sieff Matthias


The works of sculptor Matthias Sieff, born in Cavelese (Trentino/South Tyrol) in 1982, captivate the public with their monumental size alone. Sieff is represented at Bad Ragartz 2024 with the group of figures "The thread of destiny", among others. The group consists of the individual figures "Clotho", "Lachesis" and "Atropos", whose names come from Greek mythology. These are the three Moirai (goddesses of fate) who first appear in post-Homeric literature in the aforementioned triad: Clotho, the youngest of the Moira, is the spinner of the thread of life, Lachesis, the middle one of the three Moirai is the allotter who measures the thread of life. The last of the three powerful sisters, Atropos, has the task of ultimately cutting the thread of life again. In its colour symbolism, the group of figures follows the tasks of the mythological triad of the Moirai: the life-giving "Clotho" appears in a powerful, vibrant red, while the delicate purple of "Lachesis" symbolises the myriad of emotions that people experience in the course of their lives. As a symbiosis of the life-giving red and the blue symbolising wisdom, the violet of "Atropos" refers to the secret that lies at the end of every life. 


«My sculptures are like temples: the legs are the columns, the pelvis is the architrave, the voluminous torso and the head are the frieze.»

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