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Spoerri Daniel


The internationally renowned sculptor Daniel Spoerri was born in 1930 in Galati, Romania.After the death of his father in 1942, the family fled to Switzerland, where Daniel Spoerri first trained as a dancer. In 1959, he moved to Paris and began his artistic career. With the invention of the "tableau-piège" ("snare pictures"), he became internationally recognised and was a founding member of the "Nouveaux Réalistes" and the founder of "Eat Art".

He created his first bronze sculptures in the 1980s. While his works are often humorous and playful, they also have a critical and sometimes dark side, dealing with the themes of consumption and waste as well as the absurdity of everyday life. One example of Spoerri's work that will be shown at the 9th Swiss Triennial of Sculpture is "The Cup". The work illustrates the absurdity of everyday life and the rich variety of the possible in equal measure: By changing the perspective and altering the dimension, the artist consistently subverts human visual habits and transforms and elevates the simple object of everyday life into a dreamy and poetic sphere. The artwork is part of the extensive Caporrella collection in Rome.

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