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Stehle Herbert


The artist Herbert Stehle, born in Heiligenberg on Lake Constance in 1949, has been working with the motif of the house for more than 20 years. The basic form of the human dwelling is manifest in his work in various materials and both in its traditional appearance and in reduced form.

At Bad Ragartz, Hebert Stehle is present with the sculpture "Treppe durchs Haus" (Staircase through the house), cast in white concrete. A mighty wall with clear lines stands in the centre of the landscape. This is pierced by an opening in the shape of a house, through which a staircase leads. The sculpture therefore becomes a poetic symbol of the human dwelling, which unfolds a charming field of tension between inside and outside and between "here" and "there".

unfolds. On the one hand, the staircase invites you to enter the familiar form and the security of home; on the other hand, it does not lead into the interior, but rather through the house to open up a view of the "there" and a new, unknown landscape on the opposite side.


 «The minimalist sparseness of my objects can invite you to meditate - it leaves enough space to fill rooms.»

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