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Süss Luca


Born in Switzerland in 1998, Luca Süss graduated from the Zurich University of the Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Luca Süss' subsequent freelance art work was followed by numerous exhibitions in Switzerland. Against the backdrop of dealing with Luca Süss' own transition and using the concept of transgender, Luca Süss' art opposes the principles of a heteronormative society. Like a wrecking ball, Süss' works exemplarily tear down the structures of a purely binary society that have been firmly cemented for centuries, thus opening up new freedom. Luca Süss also manifests this vehement and constructively critical attitude in the group of works shown at Bad Ragartz entitled "specific obstacles – retreat from an ever changing narrative (1-5)". The sculptures present themselves, in their form, as armour-like objects.  The cast concrete forms an analogy to the body as a building under construction and reconstruction. The anthropomorphic and totem-like sculptures can also be read as metaphors for the protection and defence of the personal and social exclusion of queer people and as symbols of transformation.


«The goal is to treat my sculptures like I would treat my own trans body. I want to modify, shape, change, rebuild and over all transition my sculptures».

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