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Taratynov Alexander


The works of the artist Alexander Taratynov, who was born in Moscow in 1956 and now lives in the Netherlands, present themselves in the tradition of figurative formal language and masterful execution. Taratynov refers to European art history not only in his classical visual language, but also in his choice of motifs. Thus the work "Painter and the Unknown" finds its reference in the famous painting "The Unknown" by the Russian painter Ivan Kramskoi from 1883, from which Taratynov takes essential elements, including the female figure and the motif of the carriage. Although Tarantynov's work appears traditional at first glance, the translation from two-dimensionality to three-dimensionality in the sculpture and the possibility of active interaction can be seen as an extremely modern interpretation of the art-historical tradition. Everyone is welcome to join in with the existing motif, whereby the story of the painting and the sculpture can be retold again and again and continued in the medium of photography. Also present at the 9th Swiss Triennial of Sculpture is the larger-than-life bulldog "Winston" by Alexander Taratynov. This gives a nod to the fact that Winston Churchill's nickname was "Bulldog".


«In the fusion of canvas and dimension, Taratynov breathes life into the static, echoing the whispers of iconic paintings into tangible sculptures.»

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