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Tolloy Michael


The human being is at the centre of the work of Innsbruck artist Michael Tolloy (*1979). They appear in his sculptures as full-body figures, busts or headpieces. While Tolloy's works are indebted to the figurative art-historical tradition, they also express an equally contemporary image of man. Michael Tolloy is represented at the 9th Swiss Triennial of Sculpture with the works «Tete Blanche - so near so far» and «Duett Stele Noir - so near so far». The facial features of the monumental headpieces, which appear calm and sublime, are expressed in a somewhat reduced and stylised manner. Fixed and lost in the distance, their gaze seems to penetrate space and time in equal measure. The archaic power and aloofness inherent in the Austrian's sculptures therefore open up an area of reflection for the viewer in dialogue with the work that extends far beyond the actual spatial and temporal dimension of the sculpture. While Tolloy's works can directly touch and create a debatable emotional closeness, they also remain - seemingly immersed in themselves and the world - in the sphere of the untouchable.


 «It is perhaps, or it may be overstepping the mark to say, that art can change people. But I can probably convey something that is not easy for people to say verbally, but is possible for me non-verbally with art...»

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