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Vélez Gustavo


Gustavo Vélez (*1975 in Colombia) developed a passion for sculpture at an early age. Even as a child, he knew exactly which path he would take in life: that of art! After initial training in sculpture in his home country, Velez studied at the famous Academia Lorenzo de Medici in Florence. He completed his training in workshops in Pietrasanta, where his studio is located today.

Gustavo Velez's sculptures captivate with their outstanding craftsmanship and precise workmanship. Despite their impressive size and physical mass, the works convey an almost dance-like lightness. The clear lines, the skilfully composed openings and the dynamic, rhythmically consistent interplay between organic forms and stringent geometry turn Velez's sculptures into powerful yet elegant spatial symbols.


«My work seeks a striking harmony between each line, bringing meaning, value and logic to dreams. They are creations that blend with the subtle air and dance, from beginning to end, while enjoying the changes in each movement.»

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