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The artist duo WAAG is made up of Levin Stettler Brogli (*2000) and Schahed Javanbaksh (*1993). Both have a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts from the Zurich University of the Arts. WAAG is exhibiting a sculpture together as a duo for the first time. The artist duo is interested in myths, constructs of belief and the idea of a universally valid truth. WAAG transports symbols, allegories, icons and imagery into parallel worlds that act as distorting mirrors of a supposed reality. At Bad Ragartz the artist duo turns the conventional idea of a fountain on its head with the bronze sculpture "l'eauftain". The artistic reflection on the principle of the fountain is already evident in the title of the work: "l'eauftain" means "please" in Persian, while the French words "l'eau" and "fontaine" also form part of the title-forming play on words. While a fountain normally serves as a provider of water, in WAAG's work it is reinterpreted as an anti-fountain. However, it does not have the function of providing water.

Quite the opposite: it merely serves to hold water. In 1917, the standing urinal, probably by Duchamp, was promoted as a "readymade" to the sculpture "Fountain". In an extension of this artistic concept, WAAG's anti-fountain now "requests" participation in the eternal cycle of water.


«Water to water»

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