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Wiese Martin


Born in 1958, Martin Wiese first studied architecture in Essen. This was followed by an apprenticeship as a stonemason in Münsterland and master training as a stone sculptor in Freiburg im Breisgau. Wiese's works unfold an exciting dialogue between powerful, only rudimentarily worked elements and masterfully and sensitively executed passages. The sculpture installation "Römische Reihe[1]", which consists of a total of seven sculptures, is the staging of a chance encounter. Each sculpture is surrounded by its own aura of courageous, thoughtful, dreaming, joyful, daring or even loving appeal.
Each of these appeals experience greater strength and presence in the group in an interactive discourse. The visitor can playfully stage speechless contact between the individual stone and bronze figures since the heads can be turned. The changes make the group appear quiet and harmonious at times, while in another order a dynamic drama emerges. In the group of works entitled "Gaia, King and Queen", Gaia, the creator and mother of the world, stands monolithically in the background. In the foreground are the sculptures King and Lady or Adam and Eve or Man and Woman. The rotating mobility of the heads allows them to interact with each other, revealing the almost comedic changeability and predictability of humanity in the all-encompassing universe.


«He's alive! She is alive! He is alive!

He is just sleeping. She is sleeping and waiting on a new life.

The body standing there is not dead. It has never lived. It is my work! I put it together from all the boulders that I took myself from quarries and fields. From everywhere!» 

[1] Roman Series

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