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Zoeÿs Aletheia


The works of the artist, composer and performer Aletheia Kí Zoeÿs, born in Barcelona in 2000, may be inspirational to the eye with their cheerful colourfulness and their seemingly unpretentious motifs taken from everyday life.  The three large chocolate kisses attract the attention of visitors young and old with their delectability. However, those with a sweet tooth will soon realise that they are biting on hard facts when it comes to the supposedly sweet treat. The triptych gives an illusion of the land of milk and honey. But the installation also criticises abundance and thus picks up on socio-cultural and economic aspects. However, it is by no means intended to negate sensuality and sensory experience. The coloured sugar sprinkles on the chocolate kisses hold a secret that needs to be explored. The raised coloured dots at mid-height can be read as a Braille sign and appeal above all to the non-seeing audience. Each of the objects reveals a term: «SILENCE». Silence is full of messages and creates tension as a sensory experience. It is the basis for a journey inwards and allows self-reflection on one's own thoughts and actions. This statement is reinforced by «INSIGHT», the realisation and insight, and «MODESTY», the frugality and humility.                                                                                    


«According to the African proverb Much silence can make a lot of noise, the silence in my works is aimed at the magical power of sound.»

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